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have you ever heard of mithra’s daughter?||||

This is an out of nowhere email about Mithra. I have been really into Mithra for awhile. My interaction with you and the occult, at least in no small part, has been influenced by that. You might wonder why — there are tons and tons of dead-end conspiracy theories that don’t really *tell us* how any of this works, or what it actually was. Through magick I was able to use “the double” and basically mesmerise people into scouring the world for Mithra on my behalf. 

Meteors. That’s what I got. Pallasites resembling shot up armour just like Pallas Athena, Attaxites that didnt shatter (the first “cannonballs”), and this really cool rusted one from Egypt that resemble a frog. I call it The Real Kek.

I also found one that was exactly one ounce. Then I realised: this would be really handy if I needed to calibrate a scale to make sure it works. Sounds like something Gnostics would advocate!

When I started receiving objects they called “mithras” back — it dawned on me immediately. The word Mithril, Metal, Meteor, Ma’at, Mana, Minotaur, Minoa — these are all variants of the word Meteor and Mint. The final puzzle piece that fell was a Meena, which was a calibration weight. For Scales. 

Who was Hekate? 

Goddess of the Scales. Where? Anatolia, the Junction of the Merchants’ Roads. Here, merchants settled trade disputes by going to the temples, where they stored hunks of metal to make sure the scales were fair. Remember “For the Fairest?” It wasnt for the most beautiful in every version of Eris and the Golden Epple. In some versions, it wasn’t an Epple, it was a Pomegranate, meaning it could be split 100x ways and giving it to just one person was insulting.

But wasn’t that Ma’at with the scales?

Yeah but Ma’at was the Scales themselves, just as Poseidon was the deity and Lord Triton was the big fork he used to smash people into pieces.

So Ma’at became … Mithra?

So is this a transdeity?

Well there is Mithra, and Mithradates. I thought this was a joke as “dates” the fruit look like foeces and so do raw hunks of meteoric iron. It is rare, but some people can naturally see metals (usually tetrachome vision).  Mithradates is Given-by-Mithra.

For Grecian-Celician sailors, this is natural: it’s meteoric data so your ship doesn’t get smacked by Triton.

But what is “dates” — in Persian Mihrdad is Mithra. So who is Mithradates ? Well, the word in Persian for Daughter is … .dokhtar. 

So Mithra had a daughter.

In Poseidon-Triton as above so below that means: Mithra the deity gives you a tool of Mithra, his daughter.

This is my totally weird out of nowhere theory about Mithra. If you think this makes sense, if you grok and buy it, then make it a part of your gnosis.

i learned no less than 12 ancient languages and even learned Adyghe, which has basically 12 living speakers remaining. I even created a new branch of Greek, Adyghean Greek, which “collapses back” features that developed in isolated subbranches of these languages.

I went into a Persian-Armenian temple, and drew the Eternal Swirl, and showed my true heart to someone and asked them if this makes any sense. They said, if it makes sense, then go for it, because there hasn’t been anyone around for a really long time brave enough to visit all of the temples in a single life-time. It requires going to Bulgaria, Iran, and Turkey; going to just 1 of these on the same passport can get you murdered at the border of the other two. 

Mithra had a presence in Iran, Armenia, Pontic Greece (where he was found often in conjunction with Kybele), Thracia, and so on. But none of these showed the evolution or any kind of coherent connection between its origin as a “minor character of Zoroastrianism” and its very last form before going away.

Mithra had a presence in the Roman Empire as a militaristic cult but suddenly vanishes when Christ was Crucified. We know the similarities: an avatar of another god yada yada yada. 

There are some other interesting details such as Mithraists not wearing ceremonial hats (Christ being forced to wear a Poison Kippa was punishment for not wearing a hat? Or perhaps Christ was a Mithraist too … or maybe the Mithraists and the Sicariots were one and the same — I dont really know these details because, “that mystery is in another adytum”

What if I said it wasn’t even “Proto-Christianity” but something else entirely: a mystery religion based off of egalitarianism and metallurgy, born out of conquering slave-owners and freeing their slaves? Sounds cool, but kind of a stretch.


Look at a real picture of Mithra. Then look behind the person wearing the phrygian cap. There should be a thin tail resembling a mere vein or crack. In many many places it’s just… omitted.

So here’s what it may have really meant:

☀️ ☄️☄️☄️☄️🌙
🥷🏽 🔪🐂


In a time of need, Mithra is the one with the keys to the castle, the shim to open the cage, and dismantle the bounties of slavery to turn into tokens of freedom for all to have.

That to me is what Mithra and the Phrygian Cap: when the world needs a hero from oppression (the forces of the Sun and Moon conspiring), Mithra will show up and with his Daughter, you can conquer the false gods of the most powerful empire. 

Why King Midas? The legend says “He started in Thrace and went to Armenia”

He could have been Croesos too. I have a weird theory that he reincarnated as Roman Crassus, which is possible as the Mithradates Dynasty believed in ritualistic reincarnation as a way to keep the family money secret from outsiders — having a meteorite in the bronze age would be similar to having nuclear power in medieval France.  I have a specific reason to separate Croesos from Midas but I am working on it.

Knowing this, I totally understand why they took it away. 

The final puzzle-piece: why was Rome the final stop for Mithra?

Mithra provided the first Iron for us to leave the oppression of the bronze age. It allowed us to press coins using iron (Midas means “ticket”). 

But it also meant that for the first time, iron cookware (the Daughters of Kybele, Kybele the Goddess being the Chief Steward of our Boats, who made sure all of us were fed) was introduced and with it, women’s life expectancy increased dramatically. From my history classes I learned that the Romans were able to use the cast iron they got from colonising Asia  — I guess they suppressed Kybele over this. 

There is more I could tell you about Kybele, a lot more, but the answers to that are for another email, another adytum. 

PS: I also have a way to explain how this ties into the pyramids: a meteor hit a huge rock in the sand and the pharaoh punished his slaves by making them re-assemble it. The pharaoh being the only person with iron in an era of bronze meant anyone trying to hurt him would have their weapons break on his armour / jewelry (the royal artisans were the royal armourers), and his weapons could defeat everyone else’s. If you have that kind of power differential, I suppose people would serve you with religious passion, or try to escape.

Once I laid this out against a map of meteor craters all over the world, and a chart of history as best as we understand it, it made sense. When I was in other countries I met these weird flat-earth militants who were hired to basically remove meteors because they disproved some fundamentalist platform.

In Nomine Meteora, Medusa, Minotaurus!

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