VII – The Chariot

Exoteric LVX (The Outer Light)
Chariot’s Earthly Pursuit: Embracing the Gnostic concept of the material world as a “flesh prison”, the Chariot’s journey becomes a quest to transcend the limitations of the physical realm, confronting and overcoming worldly challenges to achieve a higher state of consciousness. 🛡️🌍⛓

Pillars of the Flesh Prison: Rejecting the traditional concept of heaven, these pillars symbolize the worldly confines and boundaries that imprison our spirit. They serve as reminders of the external systems and structures that attempt to define and constrain our true nature.

🌍⛓🔒Esoteric LVX (The Inner Light)Ophiuchus’ Ophidian Meditation: Delving deeper into the serpentine mysteries, Ophiuchus embodies the transformative power of the serpent. The meditative stance signifies a spiritual shedding, a rebirth from the confines of the flesh, aspiring to Ophidian enlightenment. 🐍🌌🔥

Quest for the Chaos Star (The Double Grail): In Chaos Magick, the augiodes signifies the non-dualism of existence. By praising the sun, one wears it on the self. The Double Grail here represents not just spiritual fulfillment but also the relationship between the multiverse and the reverse universe. It is also worth noting that a grail is an hourglass one drinks from / widow’s mark. 🏆🌓🌪

Exoteric NOX (The Outer Night)
Expanding Chaos Circles: These circles, imbued with Chaos Magick, represent the unpredictable nature of the universe and how our actions can cause unforeseen ripples. They serve as a reminder of the interconnected chaos and order in the cosmos. 🌌🌀⚡

Black Hoodie Armour: In the external night, the black hoodie becomes a symbol of protection, a shield against worldly adversities. It’s the physical armor we wear to guard our spiritual wounds, a barrier between our vulnerable self and the harshness of the material world. 🌑🛡️🖤

Esoteric NOX (The Inner Night)
Sphinxes’ Dual Prophecy: Delving into the realm of the esoteric, the Sphinxes signify the internal battles of light and darkness, right and wrong. Their prophecies guide the spiritual path, revealing the deep-seated wounds and the healing journey ahead. 🌓🐱‍🏍🔮

Chariot’s Stance: The stillness of the Chariot, even amidst chaos, signifies mastery over one’s double. It’s a reflection of control, discipline, and the balance between the self and its reflection, emphasizing spiritual strength and resilience. 🛡️🌪🌌

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