XVI The Tower

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Aspects of LVX (Light) 🌟

Exoteric (Domination) 🤴
The Tower Itself 🏰: The embodiment of structures that humans create to shield themselves, representing control, authority, and the materialistic quest for stability.

The Eye of The Demiurge 👁️: Overseeing everything, this represents divine oversight and judgment, indicating an overarching control over earthly events.

Dove 🕊️: Historically, doves represent peace and order, emphasizing the dominance of divine love and harmony.

Esoteric (Liberation through Apoptosis) ✨
Lightning ⚡: The unexpected force that shatters established norms, sparking enlightenment and breakthroughs.

Falling Figures 🕺💃: Representing the shedding of old values and beliefs, akin to the cellular process of apoptosis where cells undergo programmed death for the greater good.

The Flames 🔥: Fire is transformative, symbolizing the esoteric cleansing and liberation of the soul from its material confines.

Aspects of NOX (Darkness) 🌑

Exoteric (Submission) 🙇
Crumbled Walls 🧱🔨: Indicating surrender to external forces, these symbolize the fragility of human-made constructs.

The Pair of Lion-Snake 🦁🐍: Representing the duality and challenges of life, where one must submit to both light and dark aspects.

‘Blindfolded Figure 🙈: This denotes a willful blindness or submission to one’s fate, without questioning or challenging.’Blindfolded Figure 🙈: This denotes a willful blindness or submission to one’s fate, without questioning or challenging.

Esoteric (Struggle) 🌌
The Dark and Light Dichotomy 🌓: Symbolized by the dove and the lion-snake pair, representing the eternal struggle between opposing forces within oneself.

Human Figures in Distorted Forms 👥: They embody the internal battle, where the soul grapples with its darker instincts.

The juxtaposition of destruction and rebirth, indicating that true esoteric understanding comes from fucking one’s own inner demons and giving birth to new monsters.

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