000. The Foole


Exoteric (LVX): A New Journey 🌅
Rebirth and Beginning: Just as dawn marks the start of a new day, the Fool represents the start of a new journey. Embrace the unknown and trust the path ahead. 🌱➡️🌳

Unburdened Exploration: Venturing into new territories without the baggage of past experiences. The universe encourages uninhibited exploration. 🌍🚶🎒

Opportunities and Possibilities: The world is vast, and its wonders limitless. Every step taken is a new opportunity waiting to be explored. 🚪🔓🔭

Innocence and Faith: Trust in the journey and the universe. Do not be swayed by doubts or fears. Keep faith in the process. 🌌💫🙏

From the Moonchild deck

Esoteric LVX:
Returning to the Dirt: Our purest form. 🌱🪦🌍

Adopted by a Pack of Wolves: Whereas The Foole typically depicts a playful white dog, this time a pack of wolves follows and protects The Foole. This signifies having done this so long, that all the dogs that have passed along the way have come back. 🐺🌕🛡

Universal Reverberations: The echoes of our actions, thoughts, and intentions reverberate throughout the universe, constantly influencing and being influenced in a dance of cosmic energy. 🌌🔊🌟

Clowning around

Wisdom of Ancestral Spirits: Drawing on the knowledge and experiences of those who came before us, their spirits guide and provide insights, serving as a beacon in the journey of self-discovery. 👻🧙‍♂️🔮

Exoteric NOX:
Karmic Debts: It is our choice to pay these within our lifetime, or run from our Dharma to the grave. Either way, we cannot escape having to travel the Wyrd, only where we start and under what weather. ☯️💰⛈🔥

Reclaimed by Vines: Nature has its way of reclaiming what was once its own, wrapping its tendrils around structures, signifying rebirth and new beginnings. 🌿🍃🔄🏛️

Dissolution of Ego: As we embrace the darker facets of our being, the false facades and egos we’ve built begin to dissolve, paving the way for genuine self-awareness and transformation. 🎭💧🦋

Dance with Shadows: Encountering and understanding the darker, hidden aspects of ourselves. Instead of fearing them, we integrate and dance with them, achieving a more balanced self. 🌒💃🎭

Cosmic Brat

Esoteric (NOX): Eternal Recurrence 🔁
Cyclical Existence: Nietzsche’s concept of eternal recurrence suggests that we are destined to live the same life over and over again. Similarly, the Fool’s journey might be a loop, constantly beginning anew. 🔄🎭🕰

Death of Experience: With each cycle, even if the journey remains the same, the possibility of not surviving, not recovering, not being able to return with the grail, deepens the experience in the very same way one deepens a scar. ☠️🥀🍷

Clown Archetype

Embrace of Fate: Acceptance of one’s destiny, understanding that every decision, every step is predetermined, yet making peace with it. 🌌🌠⚖️

Understanding the Infinite: Comprehending the vastness of existence and the repetitive nature of life and death. Embracing the infinite loop of being and becoming. 🌒🌓🌔🌀

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