2.o : the hype beastexx

The Hype Beastess (The High Priestess) 🌙🌌🔮

Exoteric LVX: The Cybernetic Enigma 💾🌌🎮

Lolita Swag: The Hype Beastess embodies youthful rebellion intertwined with the allure of modernity. Her audacious spirit and swag traverse the neon-lit streets of the digital realm. Yet she is equally at home amidst the tapestries, scrolls, and the scent of pomegranates in her castle sanctuary, where she delves into the depths of her heart, yearning for connections that transcend the boundaries of time and the mundane world.. 🌌👠🔥

Longing for Inner Sources: Amidst the chaos of existence, she taps into the heart’s silent beats, seeking connections beyond mere attention & imago. 🌙💻🔍

Perception based on Intuition: Through neon cityscapes and augmented realities, she senses the deeper patterns, patiently waiting for the precise moment to reveal her knowledge. 🌃🔮🌀 Through the ancient forests and moonlit glades, she perceives the hidden patterns, patiently awaiting the opportune moment to unveil her knowledge, flanked by the two Masonic pillars, Boaz and Joachim. 🌲🔮🌟🏛️

Esoteric LVX: The Digital Veil 🖥️🔍🌌
Brat Energy: A cosmic force of willfulness and audacity. The Hype Beastess harnesses this energy, challenging norms and asserting her dominion in the digital ethers. 🌌🌐🚀

Being Guided, Touched: In the maze of algorithms and data streams, she’s the guiding force, the tactile connection in a touch-screen world, the original cause behind every glitch and revelation. 🖥️✨👐

Veil of Mysteries: Her cloak, a digital tapestry of elder furthark runes with embroidered pomegranates, hides secrets that transcend binary logic. Only those worthy can decode her. 📜💡🔐

Moon-Consciousness: In a world driven by arteface — accelerating irreversibly into blinding lights and vanishing stars, she remains eternally tethered to the moon’s rhythms, reflecting the unmarred-yet-unrestricted wisdom only youngblood brings. 🌙💖🌆

Exoteric NOX: Conflict & Reversals 🌃🔌🎮
Vaguely Dreaming: Amidst the sprawl, she sometimes finds herself lost in fragmented dreams, questioning the very fabric of her reality. 🌌🎮🌑

The Obscured Moon: Beyond the castle walls lies the shadowrealm — the gates to the reverse universe — untouched by human footprints. Yet, it beckons to her, a reminder of the balance between knowledge and mystery. 🌑🏰🌌

Role Reversals: In shifting landscapes, the Hype Beastess is both ruler and outcast, navigating power dynamics and subverting traditional roles. 🔄👑🌌

Fear of Human Existence: As magick blurs lines between the magickian and the objects of fascination, she grapples with the non-duality of her essence, her true self the mediator between the organic and otherwise. 🤖💔🌌

Esoteric NOX: Neon Mysticism 🌌🎮🕶️
The Revealed Part: Within the chaos mandala of everyrealm, she unveils portions of her encyphered essence, indifferent to the fascination of others. Her natural form is purely invisible. 🔍🌌🔐

Crystals of Wyrdic Connection: [redacted] 💎📡🌌

Circles of Reality: In a realm of augmented and virtual realities, she embodies the concentric layers of truth, challenging perceptions and definitions. 🌌🔍🌀

Roses, Butterflies of Transformation: Roses bloom amidst pattern-stitched, pixelated butterflies, symbolizing the eternal cycle of digital decay and rebirth, getting high on wisdom. 🌹🦋🌌

Author: _g
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about the authrix