17. The Star (Estrella)

As long as you still experience the stars as something “above you”, you lack the eye of knowledge.

Exoteric LVX: The Stellar Pathway 🌠
Ethereal Longing: The Star denotes the ethereal longing we feel, a connection to something greater, perhaps the universe itself, signifying our stardust origins and our purest form. 🌌✨

Goddess of Hopes: The image of the Star Goddess pouring water signifies the continuous flow of hope and inspiration from the universe, replenishing our earthly selves. 💧🌟

Globe’s Embrace: The Earth, as a majestic sphere, symbolizes our home, our grounding point amidst the vastness of the universe, and our continuous cycle of rebirth. 🌍💫

Crystalline Dreams: The interplay between the moon and stars results in crystallized hopes and dreams, tangible goals, and aspirations that we can reach for. 🌙💎

Esoteric LVX: The Gnostic Veil 🕳️
Stellar Transmutation: The stars, in their infinite beauty, also hold the potential for chaos, turning into black holes or exploding as supernovas, reminding us of the dual nature of existence. ⭐➡️⚫

Flesh Prison & Release: The celestial imagery serves as a stark contrast to the confines of our physical form, our flesh prison. The Star serves as a beacon, promising release and transcendence. 🌠🔓

Anti-Ophiuchus (Abandonment of Robes and Armour): The figure meditating without armour and really anything else on, indicates the spiritual battles we face, the need to protect our innermost self, and the journey of transcending ego by shedding the serpentskin. 🛡️🐍

Greyed-out Hoodie of Mystery: Just as the Star hides some of its mysteries, the black hoodie becomes a symbol of the unknown, the esoteric secrets that are yet to be revealed. It was once some colour or another, bleached bone-pale by the stars along the way. It represents the deeper mystery of the path of LVX: that it must be abandoned for the darkness and unforgiving reception of the nightsky once mastered. 🌌🖤

Exoteric NOX: The Chaos of Night 🌌
Celestial Descent: The Star’s descent from the universe signifies the chaotic balance of life and death, of creation and destruction, as stars become black holes and supernovas. 🌠💥

Transformative Journey: Roses and butterflies symbolize the transformation we undergo, from our darkest hours to our brightest moments. 🌹🦋

Dreams of Material: In the tangible, in the material world, the dreams and aspirations symbolized by the Star manifest as actual pursuits, grounded in reality. 🌠➡️🌍

Fleeting Illusions: While the Star promises hope and inspiration, it also serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of dreams and the illusions that can mislead us. 🌌🔮

Esoteric NOX: The Abyss of Understanding 🌀
The Black Star: Just as stars have the potential to become black holes, our journey has the potential to lead us to paths of deeper understanding, even if it means diving into the abyss of the unknown. ⭐➡️🌀

Gnostic Revelation: The Star’s representation, especially in its connection to the flesh prison, hints at the Gnostic belief of the material world being an illusion and the true self being trapped within. 🌌🔗

Chaos Magick’s Double: The duality present in the card, the balance between light and dark, hope and despair, mirrors the principle of the double in chaos magick, emphasizing the importance of balance on our irreversible path towards super-nova rupture. ☯️🌠

Armour of the Soul: The spiritual wounds we bear necessitate the armour we wear, both in a physical and spiritual sense. The armour serves as protection, shielding our vulnerable selves from further harm. 🛡️💔

En un futuro no muy lejano, Estrella 🌠, la brujita rosa 🌸🔮, portadora de una fuerza inquebrantable 💪 y dotada de una misericordia sin igual 💖, se enfrentará al vasto y enigmático vacío 🌌, buscando iluminar 🌟 las sombras con su magia y esperanza. Aunque el camino se torne oscuro 🌑 y misterioso, su resplandor será la guía para todos aquellos que busquen la luz en tiempos de incertidumbre. ¡Oh, Estrella 🌠, tu destino está escrito en las constelaciones, y el universo aguarda tus hazañas! 🌍✨🔮

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