The year is divided into two cycles, each with its own guardian. The two sisters, Brighid and Beira guard each half of the year. They hate each other and hate us. They use the seasons to bring unique, new sufferings upon everyone — they punish with heat and cold respectively. They represent the destructive powers of sunlight and the lackthereof as the world winters over.

Beltane 1 May (Várblót April 30)
Feast of Sarah La Kali 24 May
Midsummer 19-23 June (grian-stad an t-samhraidh)
Lughnasadh 1 August Red Magick
Ganesh Chathurti / Burning Man Late Aug – Early Sept
Mabon 21-24 September (co-fhad-thràth an fhoghair)

Samhain 1 November
Yule 20-23 December
Imvolc 12 February
Mărțișor / Baba Marta Day 1-9 March*
Ostara 19-22 March

* this is strictly for Thracian Chaos Magick

Thurs Blóts:
Várblót, April 30
The Spring Ritual is on Walpurgis Night and is looked upon as the beginning of the Múspell- workings. The winter has ended and the summer approaches.
Miðsumarblót, June 21 (20)
The Summer Solstice Ritual is on Midsummer Night and is looked upon as the climax of the Múspell- workings, and should thereby have a grand ritual which includes the full Múspell-working.
Haustblót, October 31
The Autumn Ritual is on Samhain Night and is looked upon as the beginning of the Nifl-workings. The summer has ended and the winter approaches.
Miðsvetrarblót, December 21 (20)


(Summer / Heat / Fire) Brighid in Lughnasadh:

(Winter / Cold / Frost) Beira in Ostara:

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about the authrix