_: blood clots

think I’m really flawed and my soul is stolen and broken (Uh)
I have this feeling like, every single day (Ayy, uh, uh-huh)
Back when I was glowing, I had this token to take me away (Okay)
From all these motherfucking games they play (Ayy)
Niggas yelling “What the blood clot?” (Uh-huh)
Leave you with your bloodclot (Ayy)
I left all my thoughts in a box far away (Ayy, uh, uh-huh)

Exoteric LVX ☀️
Transformation Catalyst: Blood clots symbolize the natural process of healing and protection. They are the body’s response to injury, an alchemical act of transformation where liquid turns to solid to prevent excessive bleeding.🩸🔄

Life Saver: In the realm of the physical, blood clots are life-savers. They serve as emergency seals, preventing life essence from escaping the body after an injury.💔➡️❤️

Nature’s Alchemy: Blood clots exemplify the practical, visible side of alchemy. They are nature’s instant response, a rapid transformation from fluidity to solidity.💧➡️🪨

Physical Barrier: They act as barriers, a wall that safeguards the internal sanctity of the body, echoing the theme of protection and defense.🏰🛡️

Esoteric LVX ☀️
Spiritual Alchemy: Blood clots are symbolic of spiritual transformation, a shift from one state of being to another, echoing the mystical process of “solve et coagula.”🧙🌀

Energy Seal: On a metaphysical level, they act as seals that lock in energy, preventing the dissipation of spiritual power.🔒✨

Mystical Solidification: They symbolize the esoteric principle of materialization, where ethereal energies are grounded into the physical plane.🌌➡️🌍

Protective Aura: Blood clots represent an energetic shield, a metaphysical barrier against psychic attacks or energy leaks.🛡️🔮

Exoteric NOX 🌑
Stagnation: In the shadow, blood clots are associated with stagnation, a blockage that impedes the free flow of life force.🚫🌊

Health Risk: They can be dangerous, leading to complications like stroke or heart attack. The physical manifestation of an internal imbalance.💔🚨

Material Limitation: Blood clots epitomize the limitations of the physical body, the vulnerability inherent in our mortal existence.🏥👎

Obstruction: They are obstructions, physical evidences of internal conflicts or unresolved issues.🧱🚧

Esoteric NOX 🌑
Energetic Block: On a spiritual level, blood clots symbolize blockages in the energetic body, hindering spiritual growth and awakening.🚫🌈

Medusa’s Curse: Like the paralyzing gaze of Medusa, they represent a freeze in the flow of spiritual energy, a petrification of the soul’s dynamic essence.🐍👁️

Shadow Work: They invite deep esoteric explorations into the shadow self, unearthing buried traumas and suppressed emotions.👤💔

Karmic Impediment: Blood clots act as reminders of karmic debts or unresolved spiritual conflicts, necessitating healing and resolution.🔗🔮

Integration and Reflection 💭
Blood clots, embodying the alchemical concept of “solve et coagula,” beckon an intricate dance between creation and destruction, binding and liberation. In their light, they echo the body’s innate wisdom to protect and transform. In their shadow, they whisper of stagnation and blockages, both physical and metaphysical. A dance between Medusa’s petrifying gaze and the liberating, transformative essence of alchemy.🐍💫🦋

Author: _g
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