6 oct 2023: trestles &traces

🌟 Chaos Magick Masonic Witchcraft Tracing Boards and Trestle Boards: A Bouncy Exploration! 🌟

🌈 Introduction 🎩

Hey there, mystical traveler! ✨ Ever wondered about the colorful and enigmatic world of Masonic symbolism merged with the wild energy of chaos magick? Well, tracing and trestle boards are your golden tickets! 🎟️ Imagine them as cosmic maps 🗺️ sprinkled with a dash of witchy vibes, guiding souls through a dance of spiritual vibes and moral jazz. 🕺💃

🎨 Visual Language and Symbolism 🖌️

Picture this: Masonic symbols like the all-seeing eye 👁️ and pillars of strength, intertwined with witchy icons like pentagrams ⭐ and elemental sigils. Now, throw in the unpredictable spice of chaos magick! 🔥 Each symbol is alive, dynamic, and totally vibing with your personal energy. It’s like a visual symphony 🎻 that changes tunes with every gaze!

📚 Hidden Lessons 🕵️

Oh, the secrets these boards hold! 🤫 Every element is a silent teacher, a whispering guide unveiling cosmic mysteries and soulful journeys. With chaos magick in the mix, get ready for a rollercoaster of questioning, exploring, and maybe a little bit of sacred rebellion! 😉 It’s all about that dance between the old and the new, the seen and the unseen. 🌌

🔍 Decoding the Trestle Boards 🧙

Decoding these beauties isn’t just for the book-smart 📚; it’s a call for the soul-smart! Those ready to dive deep into the mystical, the ethereal, and the downright magical. Chaos magick is your trusty torchlight 🔦, illuminating hidden paths and shadowed secrets. Every symbol, a secret doorway; every image, a hidden realm; every board, a universe of discovery! 🚪🌌

🎇 Conclusion 🎆

So, ready to dance in the eternal tango of order and chaos, tradition and innovation, seen and unseen? These boards are more than ancient artifacts; they’re living portals to mystical realms! 💫🌀 Now, let’s not just stop at the awe; let’s dive into some hands-on magick! ✨🧙

🧙 Ritual 1: The Secret Key Unleashing 🗝️

  1. Lay the trestle board before you, soaking in its intricate designs. 🧐
  2. Place the “secret key,” a geometric design, over it. Watch how it obscures and emphasises certain visuals! 🔒🔓
  3. Chant an incantation of unveiling, feeling the energy shift and new paths illuminating! 🗣️✨

🧙 Ritual 2: The Planchet Dance 💃

  1. With the trestle board as your canvas, place a planchet at its center. 🎨
  2. Let your energy flow, guiding the planchet in a dance of discovery across the board. 🕺
  3. Watch as it reveals hidden messages, symbols, and paths, lighting up your mystical journey! 💥🔥

🧙 Ritual 3: The Elemental Embrace 🌍🔥🌬️💧

  1. Surround your trestle board with elements representing earth, fire, air, and water. 🏞️🔥🌪️🌊
  2. Allow the energy of each element to interact with the board, unveiling elemental secrets and powers! 🌟
  3. Engage in a meditation, absorbing the energies and unlocking the board’s elemental mysteries! 🧘✨

Happy mystical journeying! 🚀💫 Who knows what wonders and secrets you’ll unveil in the cosmic dance of chaos magick Masonic witchcraft! 💃🕺✨

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