∞: Eutychia (Εὐτυχία)


And when the final card was drawn, the mystery of the school of Beauty was revealed to me: it is the Goddesses Εὐθυμία and Εὐτυχία who kept my light from dying, and made every misfortune worth every tear. What Chance stole, Chaos returned.

(Ancient Greek: Εὐθυμία, lit. ’good cheer’) or Eutychia (Ancient Greek: Εὐτυχία, lit. ’happiness’).

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  1. Εὐτυχία (Eutychia) – Good fortune, often seen as a happy accident.
  2. Χάρις (Charis) – Gratitude, graciousness.
  3. Συμφορά (Symphora) – An event that brings change, sometimes fortuitous.
  4. Μετάνοια (Metanoia) – A transformative change of heart, often after an event.
  5. Καταστροφή (Katastrophe) – A turning point, often leading to a surprising positive outcome.
  6. Συγκυρία (Sygkyria) – A happy coincidence.
  7. Οἰωνός (Oionos) – A sign or omen, often interpreted positively.
  8. Τύχη (Tyche) – Fortune or fate, sometimes unexpectedly beneficial.
  9. Εἴμαρμένη (Eimarmene) – Destiny, with the implication of a fortunate turn.
  10. Σωτηρία (Soteria) – Deliverance or salvation, often from a dire situation.
  1. Fortuna (Fortuna) – Fortune, often linked with unexpected turns.
  2. Gratia (Gratia) – Gratitude or thanks.
  3. Casus (Casus) – An accident or event, sometimes with a positive outcome.
  4. Felicitas (Felicitas) – Happiness or good fortune, often arising from unexpected events.
  5. Catastrophe (Catastropha) – A sudden turn of events, sometimes leading to a positive result.
  6. Eventus (Eventus) – An outcome or result, often surprising.
  7. Sors (Sors) – Lot or fate, occasionally favorable.
  8. Providentia (Providentia) – Foresight, but also the fortune that comes from unforeseen events.
  9. Miraculum (Miraculum) – A miracle, often perceived as a fortunate accident.
  10. Salus (Salus) – Safety or well-being, often achieved after unforeseen challenges.
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