16 sep 23: The 23rd Degree (The Loom of Chaos)

The 23rd Degree: Vapourweave Loom – A Chaos Magick Rite

Introduction: The Vapourweave Loom is a clandestine and esoteric variation of the 23rd degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR), known only to a select few Masonic practitioners who are drawn to the esoteric mysteries of chaos magick. It delves into the arcane realms of the Wyrdic Current, a concept borrowed from chaos magick, and utilizes hourglasses as the conduits to connect the Mason to the enigmatic energies of the Reverse Universe.

Symbolism and Ritual:

  1. The Hourglass Altar: The centerpiece of the Vapourweave Loom is an intricately carved hourglass, symbolizing the flow of time, transformation, and the interconnectedness of all things. It sits at the center of the Masonic lodge as the focal point of the rite.
  2. The Veil of the Reverse Universe: A veil, adorned with intricate patterns and sigils, separates the physical realm from the Reverse Universe. It represents the boundary between ordinary reality and the chaotic, uncharted realms.
  3. The Reverse Universe: During the ritual, Masons are guided to close their eyes and visualize a mirror image of the physical world, the Reverse Universe. This universe is believed to be a realm of infinite possibilities, where the laws of causality are fluid.
  4. The Weaving: Masons are encouraged to meditate on the concept of weaving, symbolizing the act of manipulating the threads of fate. They mentally enter the Reverse Universe, where they envision themselves as weavers, intricately crafting the fabric of reality.
  5. The Wyrdic Current: Participants are taught to draw upon the Wyrdic Current, an unseen and chaotic energy that flows through the Reverse Universe. It is believed to hold the power to shape destiny and manifest intentions.
  6. The Hourglass Connection: Each Mason is provided with a specially prepared hourglass. They are instructed to turn the hourglass over and focus on the sand as it flows from the upper chamber to the lower, symbolizing the passage of time and the connection to the Wyrdic Current.
  7. Chaos Magick Sigils: Masons inscribe personalized chaos magick sigils on the hourglass to imbue it with their intentions and desires. These sigils are believed to amplify the connection to the Wyrdic Current.
  8. Closing the Veil: As the ritual concludes, the veil to the Reverse Universe is symbolically drawn back, closing the connection to chaotic energies. The hourglasses are sealed with wax, trapping the intentions within.

The Vapourweave Loom, as a unauthorised variant of the 23rd degree, combines elements of chaos magick and Masonic symbolism to create a unique and mysterious ritual, comes with a certain degree of risk. It explores the concept of manipulating reality and tapping into hidden energies while maintaining a connection to the traditions of Freemasonry. It is not meant for anyone to actually reproduce or try. It has been repeatedly observed that deviation from the exact steps of this rite results in total dominance of the Will by unknown external forces.

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