6 Sep 23: Corporate Witchcraft

yeah I close deals and coffins

👶🏻 baby watch 👀 me break 💔 these commas 💸 at the mall 🛍️
watch nano 🤖 open portals 🌀 at the truey store 🏬
play 🎮 like you love 💖 me
who tf 🤷 take me for 🤔
i been said 🗣️ i wanna die 💀
don’t want my life 🌍 no more 🚫

jigsaw 🧩
big sparks ⚡️
bitch 🐩 I’ll come 🔜 for you
don’t try 🚫 and run 🏃 too far 🌌
just find out 🕵️‍♂️ what this choppa 🚁
do I’m hopping out ward 🏥
they shoulda never ❌ let me loose 🦁

all white coat ⚪️🧥
trade it for some fuckin true 👖🔄
all black fit ⚫️👕
something like the babbadook 🖤👹
me and your god 🙏 don’t mix 🚫🔄
somethin bout my combat boots 👢💥
i think I’m rotten 🍂 to my fuckin roots 🌳
bae 😘 I’m dying 💀 in my fuckin room 🚪🌌

overworked engineer inside a Physical Docker Container sending a message up the PubSub queue to the CEO at his extremely big Jupyter Notebook Tablet Device that reads my words out-loud as a overly stylised feminine version of a running sum of the company’s last five secretaries: CEO can we pwease just ask skudgeworld to license sourcey-worcey to us? *dog farting* i dont think my drug dealer sells Skudge, man

CEO: i will instruct the the AI bot to make the skudgeworld dont worry, now, i dont know how to install Celery Man, you said last week you would find the instructions, why was this not done yet?

engineer: brb having my period

*the next morning at the big demo*

Client: we were expecting something more *hmm* skudge-y. PASS!


Feel like I made it, waited all my life
Everybody rollin’ tryna feel alive
Can’t take it with ya, blow it all tonight
All tonight, blow it all tonight
Cup full of liquor, got the key to life
Came from the bottom, now my money right
Can’t take it with ya, blow it all tonight
All tonight, blow it all tonight

Author: _g
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about the authrix