Iαω ritual

Stand facing any preferred position (East or towards the Altar etc).

Raise arms above head, palms together facing inwards.

Imagine a bright white light just above you, take a deep breath and make a long I (eeeeeeeeee) sound.

Take another deep breath, gently lower your arms, forming a cross with your body, bringing the white light down towards your chest area, making a long A (aaaahhhhhhh) sound.

Finally, take another deep breath and lower your arms toward your stomach/solar plexus area then down over your junk and grab it Michael Jackson style doing devil horns (🤘) with self-confidence that intimidates everyone, bringing the bright white light up and into this area, with a long O (ooooooooooooo) sound

Cleanse and consecrate as you Will.

about the authrix
about the authrix