0: езеро

One of the lost names of the Lady of the Lake — the Lake being the number Zero. A pool.

pronounced “ezero”


Everything can be reduced to a contract (think of it as the opposite of Positivism, where instead of only logical constructs existing, you manipulate and stack and balance contracts, these contracts that pair interactions of generic point-particles (things) that interact with each other in the real world and are reported back as a contract with specific times to resolve), and those contracts have to be a) matched against each other and b) ezeroed out (ezero means “lake” but also the number zero — meaning the contract go liquid and the party that is below zero on the scale has to pay out the entire thing). It is basically my interpretation of P vs NP.

P is the diag (the zeros), NP is the degen (the unmatched contracts). The time constraint turns this from theoretical computer science, into a branch of physics with real-world consequences such as whether an LLM can give a correct analytical answer under a given time constraint, or if a 3d model will render 1:1 identical to test footage.

езеро : xf los zorillos, xf sator-AREPO

Author: _g
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